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I’m Starting a Blogging Challenge. Would You Like to Join Me?

 “Eh? It’s a new year already?”

When did that happen? and why didn’t anyone tell me?

Looking back on this year, there are a lot of things that I wished I focused more on.

And this website is one of those things.

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions because they only fuel your motivation for the first month of the new year, and then it’s back to the same old grind.

Like when the gym fills up with new members who told themselves that this year will definitely be different; the year they’ll lose weight, the year they’ll reach their fitness goals and feel satisfied with their lives.

Nothing really changes. Unless you make it change. 

So I’m not going to list my New Year’s resolutions and business goals because I think it’s much more powerful to focus on taking action instead of talking about what you want to do.

As it turns out, I’m not alone in this theory.

There was a study done in 1933 that confirms the same principle; people who talk about their intentions are less likely to complete them.

And there have been TED talks about the same idea too.

Below is a link to a video about reaching your goals, highly recommended.

To put it bluntly; don’t talk about your plans. 

E.G. Keep your mouth shut.

Recently, during a conversation with a friend, I found myself talking about my plans for the future and what I want to do.

She replied with, “Tim, that’s what you say every year”.

It’s true.

I made the mistake of talking about my goals.

While I was busy talking about my plans, I forgot to actually work towards them.

And then I realized that I had the same goals for a long time, and I’m no closer to reaching them than I was when I first made them.

So clearly something needs to change.

But this time I plan to reach at least some of those goals; starting with this website and my online business.

We’ll keep it small.

I’m going to do something simple and you’re more than welcome to join me.

When we’re done, we’ll have a lot more content on our websites, and we’ll create the habit of working on our websites more often.

What will we do?

It’s simple; write; fill our websites up with useful content that brings in traffic and sales.

I’m going to write and publish an article every other day, aiming for at least three a week.

Content is the reasons people visit websites, without content there would be no reason to visit a website and there would be no way for people to find your website in search engine results.

Confused and not sure how to write articles for your website?

Order articles from our team of expert writers! 

I’m also looking to network with anyone who is participating in similar challenges, as it’s always awesome to meet like-minded people.

So how does that sound?

Would you like to join me for a blogging challenge and write three articles a week?

Let’s do it.

This is Day 1.