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How to Use Twitter Direct Messages for Affiliate Marketing Without SPAMMING

Several years ago, I bought a course that was supposed to show you how make $100/day from Twitter.

Yes, it was a foolish mistake.

The entire course can be summarized in one sentence.

It revealed an amazing secret.

The “secret” was replying to Tweets with your affiliate link. 

That’s it.

You look for people asking questions related to your product, and then reply with an affiliate link.

I admit, it’s not a bad idea, but the sales data is very exaggerated.

With this method you’re supposed to be able to earn hundreds of dollars a day.

Well, I did manage to get a few clicks on my affiliate link, but no sales.

I imagine if you did this on a massive scale, some sales would come in.

But nobody has time for that.

Finding Clients with Twitter Direct Messages:

Still, after spending some time on Twitter, I realized that you can use the platform to promote affiliate products.

To promote products without spamming threads. 

I have written about marketing on Twitter before, and it’s an area I’m still trying to improve on.

Recently I tried a simple direct messaging campaign to find clients for my writing service

I sent about 100 custom pitches via Twitter direct messages to specific people.

The results?

4 clients. 

It might not seem like much, but each of them hired me for a second article, and I’m sure they’ll provide me with regular work.

Regular work is much better than one-time jobs.

I sent 100 custom pitches in about 4 days.

That’s not too bad. 

If I dedicate an hour or two to pitching on Twitter each day, it won’t be a long until I have a nice amount of clients.

Since then, I cut back a bit to focus on writing the articles, but I’ll start another campaign in the near future, when I have more time.

But the same principle can be applied for affiliate marketers. 

Making Affiliate Sales with Twitter DMS

Maybe you don’t have a service to promote, but if you promote a product, there’s no reason you can’t use the same technique.

The idea is to find people on Twitter who are interested in your product. 

Hot leads.

Then, craft a custom direct message for them, and include an affiliate link.

I tried this method on a smaller scale than my pitch campaign, and the results we’re better than expected.

I sent about 50 custom direct messages, and got two re-occurring commissions. 

I will test out this method on a larger scale in the future.

I’ll edit this article with the results.

If you want to try the same method, it’s quit easy, and I’ll explain how to do it in the next section.

The Method:

Twitter has a a search bar where you can enter any topic and see the Tweets and people that match the search term.

This is where we’ll find our leads.

Keep in mind: Most of the time, Twitter accounts won’t allow public DMS. 

In other words, to direct message someone you’ll either need to follow them or they’ll need to follow you.

But I noticed a lot of people do accept DMS from anyone.

If an account doesn’t accept DMS, then follow them, and move to the next account.

If they follow-back you’ll be able to message them later on.

So let’s say I want to promote my recommended online training center. 

This course appeals to a wide range of people, so we have a lot of possible search terms.

First, we’ll head over to Twitter, find the search bar, and type in something related to the product.

For me, I decided to use a broad term. 

It’s better to target job titles as this will lead you to actual people in those positions.

I started with the term, digital marketer.

Type the search term into the Twitter search bar, and you’ll see the top Tweets in that section.

Next, click on the “People” tab and you’ll see all the accounts. 

These are our leads.

Leave this page open.

Right click on a profile, and select, “Open Page in New Tab”.

Do this for a few rows of profiles. 

Now, head over to the first opened tab, and search for contact information.

If they don’t allow DMS (most people don’t) then look for a website link.

Most people include a contact form on their website. 

If not, look at the content they share.

Does any of the content have a writers bio with contact information?

Look for Linkedin profiles too.

Most people leave their email addresses on Linkedin.

Creating a Pitch:


Next, we need to send them a pitch.

You can send people the same pitch but edit a few parts to make it seem custom.

Here’s a simple pitch I used. 

It’s very basic and you can definitely come up with a better one.

Hello [Name]

I noticed you work as a [Job Title] and I wanted to get in touch because I found a really cool product you might like.

This product is an online training center and business community. It shows people how to build a successful website completely from scratch. I have been a member for over a year and I love it.

It could really help out your clients who struggle to create successful websites.

Anyways, it’s totally free, and I hope you check it out.


When it comes to pitches, I have found the shorter the better.

Most people don’t want to have to scroll through a message.

Keep it casual and to the point. 

So as you can see in the pitch above, the parts in brackets are the only things we need to change.

Of course, feel free to make it even more custom.

The more targeted the better. 

The most important is the person’s name.

Address them by their name. 

Don’t address them by their Twitter handle, that’s what spam bots do.

Write their name in the message, a first name works fine.

Then, change the Job Title to what you entered into the search bar.

I searched for “Digital Marketer” so I would use that term. 

You can also link people to a review of the product.

There’s a lot of different ways to edit the pitch to make it more effective.

Be creative. 

So all you have to do is copy and paste that message, changing the two small parts, and send it out to people on Twitter.

Don’t wait for replies or results.

Just set a goal and reach it.

You can aim for 50 like I did, or you can aim for 100 or 200 or more. 

It’s up to you.

I can send 20-30 of these emails per hour.

So it really doesn’t take a long time to reach 100.

When you start sending messages you’ll start receiving replies.

Answer them. Provide clear information.

Once you reach your goal, some patterns will emerge, and you’ll be able to see if it’s worth pursuing on a larger scale.

And That’s How We Make Money from Twitter:

So that’s it.

One simple strategy to making cash from Twitter.

It worked for me, on a small scale, and I will pursue it further when I have more time.

If you have a service, this is one way to find some fast clients.

Most marketers need virtual assistants.

If you work as a virtual assistant, it won’t be hard to find clients with this method.

Just remember, always address the person by their name.

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