7 Affiliate Marketing Tips That Will Super-Charge Commissions!

best affiliate marketing tips

During the past few months, I have been promoting a couple different products as an affiliate and I have learned quite a few interesting things.

In this article, I’ll share those tips with you so you can make the most from your affiliate marketing ventures.

These are all very simple tips that don’t require any fancy tools or expensive tracking software so don’t panic.

It can all be done for free.

And I’ll show you how.

Find The Right Product.

For starters, I think the most important part of affiliate marketing is finding the right product to promote.

Too many people promote junk products because they have high commissions.

That’s not right.

What happens when you promote junk products?

Well your referrals demand refunds once they realize the product offers nothing but fluff, and those refunds, more often than not, come out of your commissions.

Essentially, if you want to avoid losing commissions, avoid promoting junk products.

1. Buy The Product

How do you know if a product is junk?

It’s simple.

Buy it. 

It’s really the only way to form an unbiased opinion about a specific product.

You can also do research and read all the reviews about that specific product, but the people who write those reviews might have ulterior motives.

So, the best way is to actually buy the product.

Worse scenario, the product turns out to be useless, in which case, a refund is always possible.

And if they don’t offer a refund then you know it’s a scam! 

I always recommended buying a product before you promote it and there are several reasons for this.

For starters, it will provide you with a clearer picture as to what the product is about.

You’ll have insider information that will make it much easier for you to write a review.

Secondly, it’ll allow you to take more screenshots and share them within your review.

And that brings us to the second tip on our list…

2. Write a Review and Publish It on Your Website

You can do this whether or not you think the product is decent.

For instance, if you bought the product and it turns out not be what was expected, and you write a review about your experience, that will show everyone the product should be avoided, and it will save a lot of people a lot of cash.

And you can also point the review to another, similar but better product. 

If you did like the product and think it’s decent, write a positive review and include an affiliate link.

Both options can boost your affiliate income.

So whether or not you like the product, I still recommend writing a review! 

Think of it like this, there are very websites that publish detailed and unbiased reviews about specific products.

Most of the reviews out there are really shallow and have very little information about the actual product.

Take the time to write a detailed review and you’ll not only notice a boost in traffic but you’ll also see a boost in affiliate sales.

I sat down and wrote a 3,000 word review for this product and it’s one of my most popular articles to date. 

3. Track Links!

Tracking links is important because it shows you which links are being clicked and which ones are not.

I like to include a custom link in each article to see which one performs the highest.

There are many different tools that you can use to track clicks, the one I use is a free plugin on WordPress called Affiliate Links, but there are other free ones too.

Online business is all about testing and discovering what works.

Tracking links and clicks is one of the easiest ways to do that and no fancy software is required.

Besides, if you know where the clicks are coming from, it’ll make it easier for to expand on that area and improve sales.

I think you should be tracking every link that points to an affiliate product.

4. Use Custom Images

Most product creators will create a panel for affiliates that includes promotion tips and some material that you can use such as ads and what not.

The problem is that a lot of these ads need work.

They don’t grab people attention like they should.

Every professional copywriter will tell you that your ads need to be attention-grabbing and explain the main feature and benefit of the product in as few words as possible.

If the ad you’re given does not meet those requirements, consider creating a new ad with Photoshop or hire someone to do it for you.

Or sometimes you don’t have to create an image but rather screenshot a promotion within the member’s area.

For example, if the product offers a free trial period, take a screenshot, add the image to your website, and include an affiliate link.

When I write a review for a product, and that product has a special deal, I’ll include a picture of that deal in the article.

As it turns out, most people love deals, so make it easy for them!

5. Include an Affiliate Link in Every Article!

As a website owner, I’m sure you know that some of your articles don’t receive much attention while a small handful bring in most of the traffic.

Well, that’s okay!

It’s still important to include affiliate links in every article that’s on your website.

Even if one of your articles receives very few hits a month, there’s still a chance someone will click on a link within that article, and that’ll send more cash to you.

So don’t hold back and include an affiliate link in every article on your website!

Yes I know that it can be a hassle to go back and edit articles, but if that means more passive-income than it’s worth it.

There’s always a place for a small pitch in every article that you publish or have published.

Just take the time to find where you can link to your product and include the link.

Sometimes adding an affiliate link to an older article can really bring in some extra cash!

6. Consider Twitter Tools

I know most marketers will recommend social media to collect referrals.

There’s only one problem, only an extremely small percentage of these marketers tell you exactly what to do on social media.

I already mentioned my favorite marketing tips in this guide to marketing on social media, open it in a new tab and read it after this article, it’s worth it.

Follow those tips and you’ll bring in a lot more traffic which can convert into sales or leads.

Who could say no to that?

But you should also consider grey-area promotional techniques. 

There’s one strategy I have been testing out, it involves Twitter automated messages.

Yes I know nobody really likes automated messages, but I noticed that people still do read their direct messages on Twitter because I have been tracking the clicks.

I even got a few referrals from that method alone!

It’s something that you can think about.

I use Crowdfire to automate Twitter messages, it’s simple, but there are other tools out there.

On the other hand, it seems like Twitter is cracking down on these kind of tools so don’t rely on it for the long-term.

It’s something worth looking into. 

I also tried sending automated messages that include a link to my latest article on my website, that’s another marketing strategy that you can test out.

7. In-direct Marketing Can Work Better

Something I noticed which I thought was rather interesting was that in-direct marketing can work better than direct.

In other words, find a way to promote your product without pushing too hard for the sale.

Most people don’t want to read a pitch. Find a way to share you opinions about a product without making it sound like a blatant advertisement.

I found that’s one of the best ways to earn commissions as an affiliate marketer!

There’s a reason review websites work so well, but a lot of review websites fail because the content is too promotional and is not unbiased.

That’s why I mentioned earlier on in this article that you should do your best to write unbiased articles and reviews.

With reviews in particular, an unbiased opinion is ideal. 

The idea is to write about the product and share your honest opinion and then point the reader towards the product that you believe is the best, and don’t forget to show proof.

Ever wonder why those Amazon review websites earn so much cash?

It’s interesting because Amazon only grants a 8% commission fee on their products.

So you would think that’s not such a good deal, but there are people making thousands of dollars from simple Amazon affiliate review websites.

And the most cash comes from reviews that are written with a neutral, unbiased tone!

Comparison articles can also be extremely lucrative! 

Read this article on how to format your content to improve the appearance of your website and earn more sales. 

Find two or more similar products and compare them, include affiliate links for both and you’ll make cash regardless if which product the reader chooses.

Those are some ideas that you can play around with and track the results.

What We Learned:

Thanks for reading through this article, I’ll quickly summarize the points in this article so they’re easier to remember.

  • Before you promote a product as an affiliate marketer, it’s best to buy the product first. This allows you to form your own personal opinions about the product.
  • Share those opinions in an unbiased review or comparison article.
  • Don’t forget to track links, there are many free tools you can use. I use Affiliate Links.
  • Include images and screenshots and consider creating custom images for your affiliate products. Test different things!
  • Make sure old articles also include affiliate links.
  • Consider grey-area promotional techniques like Twitter automated messages or similar strategies.
  • Lastly, remember not to push too hard for sales. Most people like to make up their own minds so share the truth about the product and your personal opinions, sometimes sharing negatives points can be beneficial.

So that’s it.

Leave a comment below and if you can re-tweet this article that would be awesome too! 

I guarantee that if you apply these tips to your website and businesses you’ll see a massive increase in sales.

Good luck and stay tuned for next article!

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20 thoughts on “7 Affiliate Marketing Tips That Will Super-Charge Commissions!

  1. Great article, Timothy! I especially like that you’re encouraging people in this field to promote products that they know and have used for themselves. It makes all the difference in the world, trying to sincerely help people vs always trying to sell to people. If you can help them effectively, they’ll buy eventually, or turn into cheerleaders.

    Beyond that, you’ve offered a really well-rounded and thorough guide. Thanks!


    1. Hey Kevin, thanks for leaving a comment and I’m really happy that you liked the tips! I also agree that’s one of the most important points. Besides, it’s difficult to promote a product that you know nothing about.

  2. Great article Timothy.

    I think the most important part here is BUYING the product and USING the product. There are way too many fake reviews out there, purely because most affiliate marketing courses teach you to find the most popular product and just promote that.

    They also teach you to try getting a “review copy” – but what do you do when they don’t/won’t respond?

    You’re not going to actually buy that bottle of miracle fat-loss pills, so you have 2 choices;

    1. Sell your soul to the devil and try to market them anyway, and live with your guilt-ridden blood-money.

    2. Go find a product you actually care about, buy it because you actually want/need it, then tell other people about it so they can get it too.

    If the product sucks, you can always get your money back.

    Keep up the good work Timothy – I’ll keep watching.

    Tom Watts recently posted…4 Ways To Make More Money As An Affiliate MarketerMy Profile

    1. Hey Tom, thanks for the comment. I think if you can’t actually get your hands on a product then you shouldn’t even bother writing about it. I’m so sick of fake reviews! Find a product that you care about and can promote without having to use your imagination to fill in the details is way more effective. Thanks!

  3. I never thought of leaving a link on every article. I always though that you should make some posts simply to drive traffic to your website then maybe people will go to the other pages and post where the affiliate links are. sounds silly now that I am writing it out. will definitely implement my new found wisdom.

  4. Yes! I agree 100%, in order to give a great review of anything, you have to have used the product/service first hand. Why make things harder than it has to be, if you like or dislike a product/service it will be much easier to talk about. You will be able to promote or demote the product/service honestly, which in turn will lead to more conversions.

    People tend to listen and follow ones who are confident in what they are talking about, you will come across as being honest with them. If you are not confident, people will back up and run because you will come across as trying to deceive or scam them into using something they really don’t want.

    Adding a link to every post/page is essential if you want to up your sales. People want as much information as they can get before deciding whether or not something is right for them.

    I am new to all of this so thank you for sharing this information. Best wishes for your success along this journey.


  5. Integrity cries aloud in your article Timothy and I love that and would encourage you to continue along this path. Thanks for sharing.

    For me, it is important to know what you are promoting and I see that we agree on this matter. I do not respond when it is obvious that people are promoting things they don’t own. The “phoniness” becomes obvious and blinding for me. All the best.

  6. Hey Tim,

    Really interesting article!

    I totally agree with your first point, it’s always important to buy the product before you actually start to promote it. I have to admit that I didn’t follow this tip back when I first started working online, it’s a shame, as I probably could have really boosted conversions if I knew about it back then.

    Well, I’m impressed with your website and this article, thanks for taking the time to write it and explain the points in detail. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

  7. Nice article Tim!

    I love how you summarize all the points at the end, it makes it really easy to remember everything that you mentioned. Awesome work and I hope you continue writing these kind of articles because I love reading them. The part about writing reviews is new to me, I’ll definitely have to try that on the next product I promote.

    Thanks a lot.


  8. Awesome article, the first two points are particularly important. I think anyone who plans to make money with affiliate marketing should read this article, it should be mandatory!

    I think if you follow the two first tips, buying a product and then writing a review about it, that would drastically boost your affiliate marketing income.

    Thanks for sharing!

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