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How to Make Promotional Social Media Content with Canva in 1 Minute

Every marketer should have a social media presence, even people who are not marketers have social media accounts.

But to engage your fans and keep them coming back for more, we need to find content to share with them.

Often, social media marketers run out of content to share on their social media profiles because they have to hand-pick content, and that can take time.

Searching for quality posts to share on your social media profiles can be a hassle. 

Especially when you need to publish something everyday!

Well, I’m going to let you in on a little trick I have been using to create promotional posts for social media.

These posts serve three purposes; to promote your social media accounts, to provide you with content that you can include in your articles, and to increase your brand exposure.

As we know, articles that don’t include any form of media are – let’s face it – boring to read. 

We need to spice things up with related images and videos to make the article pop and leave a lasting impression the reader.

So learning how to make social media posts is not only beneficial for your social media marketing efforts; but it can also improve the content on your website.

Before we begin, we’ll be using an online image-editing tool called Canva, a completely free platform.

If you have been following me on Twitter, then you have probably seen these posts.

Head over to Canva and open a free account.

Using Canva to Create Media-Rich Content:

Hit the “Create a Design” button and you’ll see a list of templates.

 Then, select the “Social Media Template”.

You’ll see a blank work-space.

On the left sidebar, there are plenty of templates to choose from.

I like to use the quote templates. 

For this example, I chose “A Cup of Tea…” template.

And now all you have to do is remove the sample text and include your own.

Select the sample name and drag it down.

Then, click on it, and enter your name a long with any links you want to include.

I included my website and Twitter handle.

Next, fill in the main text.

You can either write something off the top of your head or copy a sentence from an article already on your website.

I chose the later option in this example.

Play around with text size and color until you find something that works. 

When you’re satisfied, hit the download button.

Now, head over to your social media profiles, and upload the content.

On Twitter, open the Tweet tab and simply drag the image from your download tray into the Tweet box.

Fill the box with hashtags to boost exposure. 

And hit Tweet.

Now find the Tweet on your profile, select the little drop down arrow in the right corner, and select “Embed”.

Then, copy the script into the text section of your WordPress post.

The final result should look like this: 

And that’s it.

The best part is you can save your templates in Canva so the next time you want to create a picture it can be done in a matter of seconds.

I recommend creating at least one of these pictures and uploading it each day – it’s an awesome way to bring in more impressions and fans.

Keep at it and you’re social media accounts will GROW faster than you ever imagined.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. 

If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

Until next time.

How to Get Website Traffic for Free: 3 Simple Tips to Unleashing a Wave of Traffic

how to get website traffic for free

Wondering how to get website traffic for free?

Gone are the days when you needed to pay top-dollar for website traffic.

It’s possible to unleash a tidal wave of traffic to your website with just a few simple tips. 

In this article I’ll reveal my simple formula that brings in a steady stream of traffic to my website.

It’s really simple and anyone can do it. 

In a nutshell, it involves finding keywords, writing articles that target those keywords, and then marketing those articles as best as possible.

Doesn’t sound too complicated does it?

It’s not. 

Let’s dive in.

How to Get Website Traffic for Free:

In my previous article, How to Write a SEO Article, I discussed three factors that can determine if your article will rank, and I briefly mentioned keywords.

In this article, we’ll expand on the keyword section, and I’ll show you exactly how I use my favorite keyword research tool to find low-competition keywords that don’t take much effort to rank.


Most people get stuck when it comes to keyword research.

I’m sure that you need to find keywords for your articles but you’re not exactly sure how to find keywords.

Well, there’s a free tool that you can use, one that I use for all my keyword research, and I highly recommend. 

Go ahead and create an account now, as I’ll show you how to use it to find keywords in just a moment.

Create an Account Now.

With a free account your searches will be limited, therefore I recommend upgrading to a premium account because not only does a premium account unlock additional features, it also removes the search limit.

When you login you’ll see the main search area, this is where you’ll type in all your search terms. 

Chances are you already have an idea for an article floating around in your head and all you need now is a keyword to target so you can start writing the article.

So head over to the search area and type in something related to the topic of your website or business.

For example, I’m interested in writing articles about online marketing and blogging so I’m going to enter a simple search term.

how to get website traffic for free

When it’s done, a list will appear, and there are few things that you need to know to fully understand the data shown in the results.

So there are five labels that you can see above the search results: AVG, Traffic, QSR, KQI, and SEO. 

AVG represents the average searches that keyword receives each month.

Traffic is the estimated amount of traffic that you’ll receive if you rank in the first position for that specific keyword.

QSR stands for your competition; the number of websites or articles that already target that exact keyword.

KQI is a color-based indicator to show you which keywords are good and which ones are bad. Green means good and red means bad. It’s best to avoid red keywords as they’ll be extremely difficult to rank.

SEO is an average of all the a stats and represents the ranking difficulty for that keyword.

It’s a value between 0 – 100 and the higher numbers means it’s easier to rank for that keyword while the lower numbers means it’s too competitive.

So now that you know what these terms mean, we can begin looking for a keyword to target.

Let’s take another look at the search example below:

how to get website traffic for free

The first result, an exact match, receives a lot of traffic but it is marked red.

That’s because it has a QSR of 369.

What does that mean? 

It means there are about 369 other websites that already include that exact keyword.

Can your brand new website beat 369 other websites, websites that have probably been around a lot longer than yours?

Just out of curiosity, let’s search for that term in Google and see which website takes the first spot.

how to get website traffic for free

I don’t think we can beat those authority websites at the moment. 

It wouldn’t be worth spending all this time and effort on writing an article to target the above keyword if it doesn’t have a chance to rank.

Let’s move on to another keyword. 

The next keyword has much less traffic and it’s marked green, but the QSR is still quite high.

For new website owners, I don’t recommend targeting keywords with more than 50 QSR because they’re too difficult to rank, unless you have some amazing search engine optimization skills.

Look at the QSR for now and search for the keywords that have less than 50 QSR in the list. 

If you’re wondering how to get website traffic for free, targeting keywords with less than 50 QSR is your best option.

Notice the keywords I found, these are okay keywords but we need to filter out the junk.

how to get website traffic for free

You probably noticed that a lot of these keyword don’t really make sense.

We want to avoid keywords that we can’t include naturally in sentences.

So let’s take out all the keywords that don’t make sense.

Well, actually most of these keywords don’t make sense.

The phrase, “How to Make Money Blogging in 2014” is okay, but it’s not 2014 anymore, so that wouldn’t be a good keyword to target.

Therefore, we need to move on, and look for some better keywords.

Jaaxy has a cool feature on the right side of your work space that provides a bunch of keyword suggestions, click on one the interests you.

On the sidebar, we see all these suggestions. 

how to get website traffic for free

Most of these keywords are grammatically correct and could be excellent.

Unfortunately, most of the keywords in that specific suggestion box don’t have much traffic.

Sometimes it’s still a good idea to write an article that targets a keyword that does not have much traffic because people might start searching for that term in the future.

Who knows where trends will begin.

Let’s search for another term. 

how to get website traffic for free

After reading this article, can you find the best keyword in the list above?

Yes, it’s the second last one, “Make Money as a Blogger”. 

That is a prime example of what a good keyword should look like; not too competitive and easy to use in sentences.

The traffic is low but there are only a handful of websites competing for that keyword.

And since it makes sense, it’s easier to use in sentences, which means you’ll use it more often in your article, and that will improve your chances to rank.

So don’t shy away from keywords that have low traffic stats, those are the easiest to rank and the traffic is consistent.

If you manage to target multiple low competition keywords and rank first for all of them, that’s plenty of traffic for you.

So that’s how to get website traffic for free! 

Of course, there are other ways to get website traffic that does not revolve around keywords and writing articles.

You can market your existing articles for free too.

How to Get Website Traffic for Free: Network

This is a fun method that I have been using to not only boost traffic on my website but also build relationships with people in similar niches.

But before I show you how to do that, do you want to learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to boost website traffic?

Enter your email address below to subscribe to my newsletter and receive a free BONUS marketing report.

how to get website traffic for free

If you’re not sure how to get website traffic for free, simply sharing your article with your friends on Facebook is one way to do it.

Comments for Everyone!

This is one simple and fun strategy that I use to bring in traffic and comments to my website.

What I do is a find a website related to my niche, and click on an article that has a lot of comments.

Then, I read the article and leave a comment. 

Ideally, the comment should be well-written and at least a few sentences, the longer the better, and don’t forget to make it genuine.

Next, click on all the other people who commented and open their websites in a new tab.

Then I start with the first website in my tab-bar, head to their latest article, leave a comment, and close the tab.

Open next tab, and repeat. 

That’s a fun and simple way to drive traffic to your website!

And it brings you to all sorts of interesting websites!

Combine that with the tricks mentioned in my free report, and your website will be booming in no time.

So that’s how to get website traffic for free! 

Want to Learn More?

I happen to be a member of an awesome online business center that teaches all sorts of topics related to building an online business.

The training is really in-depth and organized into bite-sized lessons so anyone can digest the information and learn how to build an online business.

You can click here to read my in-depth review. 


Click here to head straight to the sign-up form. 

It’s free for the first 14 days!

I hope to see you in the member’s area! 

How to Blog and Make Money Online!

how to blog and make money online

So you’re wondering how to blog and make money online and that’s awesome.

I think it’s awesome that you’re starting to chase your dream.

Traveling and blogging is a lot of fun because you can not only experience new adventures but you can also enhance your writing skills.

And you can share those adventures with your audience! 

Contrary to what you might think, it’s not so difficult to create a blog that can bring in enough cash to support your adventures.

Money can go a lot further in some countries, such as South East Asia, and that’s one of the reasons countries like Thailand are full of aspiring internet entrepreneurs.

I’m not saying that you have to move to Thailand.

There are plenty of travel bloggers that live in first-world countries where the cost of living is much higher.

How to Blog and Make Money Online: Optimize Your Income

But you have to realize that your website probably won’t make any cash for a few months, maybe even a year.

It takes time to set up a website that brings in a regular stream of cash.

So you don’t want to run out of savings while you’re waiting for your website to start bringing in the cash.

Make sure that you have your finances under control before you start working on your travel website.

Again, that’s one of the main reasons most entrepreneurs move to Asia because the cost of living is low so they don’t need to worry too much about their finances.

Ideally, a website should have multiple streams of income. 

I recommend affiliate marketing for long-term and a service or quick-cash.

You want your website to bring in two types of income; fast and slow.

The fast income will come from services that you offer, and the slow income will come from affiliate sales or ad-clicks. 

The reason affiliate sales and ad-clicks are considered a slow source of income is because you need time for your articles to rank.

And since you have to compete with a lot of other websites, ranking for a keyword can take a long time.

The service-based income should take a higher priority than the other type of income because most affiliate programs take awhile to verify commissions and pay affiliates.

In other words, as an affiliate marketer you’ll have to wait awhile to receive your cash; maybe a month or more. 

With service-based income, that’s fast cash that clients send directly to your account either before or after you complete the project.

And since we all need fast cash, that’s what we want to focus on.

So if you’re wondering how to blog and make money online, it’s best to come up with a list of services that you can offer people for quick cash. 

These services could be pretty much anything and thanks to the internet you can outsource most of the work too.

For starters, I would recommend offering a writing service, as it’s the simplest and easiest service to offer people.

In my case, I created an order form where people can order articles directly from me, click here to check it out. 

But other bloggers tend to write a simple blurb about their services with contact information near the end.

Here are a few other services you can offer people: 

  • Article Writing
  • Sales Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Photoshop (Logo Design, etc)
  • Web Design
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Coaching
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Link Building
  • And More.

You’ll notice that most successful bloggers offer a few different services on their website to really optimize income.

You can also outsource work when the workload is too intense. 

Some people outsource all of the work and remain the middleman, that’s another idea you can try out.

The reason we need to offer a service is because we don’t want to rely on only commissions to support our lifestyle.

Affiliate commissions are awesome but they’re unstable and it takes a long time to receive the funds so they should take the backseat. 

So what you want to do is make a separate page on your blog that lists all the services that you offer and then try to link to that page in your articles.

In other words, make sure that people know that you’re offering those services.

If people don’t know you offer those services, they won’t hire you.

You can also make an image, like the one on the sidebar of my website, to send even more people to your service page.

When your website starts getting traffic, the clients should start to roll in. 

In other words, the clients will come to you.

But it usually takes awhile to receive your first clients directly from your website.

So what you can do is try to find people who need your services and contact them.

You want to always make sure that you have cashing coming in.

Remember, the more samples the better, so don’t forget to include samples and testimonials on your service page.

So what does this have to do with how to blog and make money online? 

Well, once you have a list of services on your website, it’s time to start blogging and targeting keywords so you can bring in more traffic.

With more traffic you’ll see more clients and more commissions.

You’ll blog to build an audience. 

The articles will rank in Google and people will visit your website.

It takes awhile to build up traffic from blogging and it’s important to have your service page ready from day one so you don’t miss potential clients.

Once again, it’s important to make the services that you offer crystal clear, and make the instant someone lands on your website they know what type of services you offer.

Now do you know how to blog and make money online?

There’s a lot more too it.

And to learn more check out my number one recommended internet business training course.

It’s free for the first couple of weeks.



Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

If you would like me to write similar articles for your website, head over to my content order form and order an article. 

Got a Question?

Leave it below and I’ll do my best to answer it.

One Simple Trick to Get a Head Start in Google’s Search Results!

When it comes to creating a website, the most common method is to head on over to a domain registrar to buy a domain name and then sign-up for a hosting service.

Though that method does work, there’s another method that you can use to set up a new website and get a head start in Google’s search results.

In most niches, the competition is quite fierce, and new domains rarely rank well within the first few months.

It takes time to build a website that will remain in the number one spot for your target keyword.

In fact, most websites will bounce up and down between keyword positions, unless you really know how to optimize your website for search engine results.

Well, if you are planning to start a new business, this one trick might be what you need to secure your Google rank.

Buy an Expired Domain for Your Business.

Instead of looking for an exact match domain on a domain name registrar, consider looking into domains that have already been bought but the owner, for some reason, has decided to abandon them.

Expired domains are awesome because they usually have more authority than brand new domain names.

Though domain age is not a prime factor when it comes to search engine optimization, in most cases older domains will have more links pointing in.

There are tons of these domains lying around abandoned and waiting to be snatched up and used.

Most of the time you’ll need to pay a little more than you would for a regular domain name but the SEO benefits are worth it.

Then again, not all expired domains are useful.

As I mentioned earlier, the age of the domain alone is not an important factor, but what you want is a website that has decent page authority and back-links.

A lot of internet marketers will abandon their websites when Google slaps them with a penalty and those are the domains you want to avoid at all costs.

But there are also a lot of expired domains that were abandoned simply because the owner changed tactics or start a new business.

So where can you find expired domains for your new business? 

Most domain registrars have a section that allows you to search for expiring or outdated domains.

For example, has an interesting section with a lot of expired domains that you can snatch up for a decent price. 

With, only the domain names will be for sale, in other words, these aren’t websites and they don’t have any content.

For best results, look for expired domains that already have content because that will save you a lot of time.

Just make sure the content is unique. 

As I mentioned earlier, they’re a little bit more expensive, but usually not much more, maybe a few dollars.

Check the domain metrics and back-link profile.

But remember that you need to check if those domains carry any authority because an old domain without any back-links (or an expired domain with a penalty) won’t benefit you at all.

To check those metrics, use a free tool called Majestic. 

Take a look at the back-link profile breakdown and don’t entertain domains that have deleted or no-follow back-links, as those are useless.

You also want to keep an eye out for the green section, as that means the back-links were active last time the domain was crawled.

If you can find an expired domain with a positive back-link profile because it will provide you with a really nice search engine optimization boost.

So if you are planning to create a website soon, this is one trick that you might want to consider to boost your rank.

Otherwise, the alternative is starting with a brand new domain and building back-links from scratch, a process that takes quite a long time.

With my technique you’ll be able to save a bit more time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

If you want to learn more about how to start an online business from scratch, check out this awesome training course. 

7 Ways Your Business Will Benefit From Hiring Us to Write for You


In case you didn’t notice, I’m offering a new content creation service that’s designed to lift your workload from your shoulders so that you can relax and focus on other aspects of your business.

Feel free to visit the order form at anytime to request some articles, I’ll always deliver articles as soon as possible.

So if you’re tired of writing for your own website, head over to the order form, submit the order, and wait for the completed article to arrive in your inbox.

If you have some question, take a look at our list of frequently asked questions. 

In this article, we’ll discuss 10 reasons to use our new simple order form for your content needs so you can see exactly how the service can benefit your business.

Let’s dive in.

1. Save Time!

Let’s face it, content creation takes a lot of time.

If you don’t have experience writing articles, it can take you a few hours just to write one article.

That’s a lot of time that you could be spending on other areas of your business.

This service will save you time.

Don’t worry about content creation, let us take care of it for you.

Instead of spending time on tasks that you don’t enjoy, wouldn’t it be better to let someone else handle them?

2. Content Optimized for Readers!

I’m sure you have come across lots of websites with articles that you can barely read because the content is not optimized for readers.

Maybe you have made the same mistakes too.

These type of websites are quite common because most people think articles just need to include the target keyword to rank in search engine results.

But that’s not right.

We write articles for human readers! 

We format the articles as neatly as possible to reduce eye-strain and drive the point home!

It’s also common for us to include a summary of the main points at the end of the article to make it easier for the reader to remember the key points.

Yes, that means we write with a conversational tone!

3. Rank in Search Engine Results!

Though our articles are mainly written for human readers, we also follow Google’s ideal keyword placement strategies for optimal search engine results.

That means we’ll include your focus keyword a specific amount of times and in strategic locations throughout the body of the content.

In other words, we’ll make it much easier for you to rank in search engine results, thus sending waves of traffic in your direction.

And more traffic means more sales!

4. Cover Images!

Cover images are quite important but not many people use them.

There’s a reason all the most popular blogs use unique cover images for their articles!

Why are cover images important? 

  • They provide a snapshot of the content, lets the reader know what to expect.
  • They improve clicks from social media because viewers will get a little taste of the content and decide whether or not to click the link.
  • When included in your article, the target keyword can be placed in the html description and alt-tags to further improve search engine optimization.
  • They improve the chances of your article being share on social media. In fact, most of the time people share links without even clicking on the content, but base their decision on the cover image alone!

P.S. If you wanna learn more about how to market content on social media, read this in-depth guide and start applying the tips! 

So those are just some of the many reasons why cover images are important and should always be included in each article that you publish on your website.

We’ll make them for you! 

5. Blog Comments!

Blog comments are important for search engine optimization because not only do they send some social signals to Google but they also show new readers that you’re website has an active community!

Google’s algorithm has been updated to focus more on social signals, and these signals can come from social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) or blog comments.

We have a small team of people who would be happy to visit your website and leave some unique and well-written comments.

These comments will give your articles a little boost which will make it rank faster in search engine results.

Oh, and these comments are not simple one-liners full of spelling mistakes. 

Each of these comments is hand-written and based on the content of your article, we’ll read the article and leave a well-written comment.

Please keep in mind that these comments will always be over 100 words and we can also include your focus keyword if it fits naturally into the conversation.

I also would like to stress that we don’t spam comments, we offer a maximum of 5 comments per article.

You will have to send us the link to the published article and we only can leave comments on WordPress websites.

If your WordPress website uses another plugin for comments, such as Facebook or DISQUS, we won’t be able to leave comments.

That’s one way to provide your fresh article with a much-needed social signal boost.

6. Revive Your Website!

Most people who are interested in making money online will setup a website and start writing articles only to lose their passion halfway through the process.

I know writing articles can be tough especially if you’re not passionate about writing articles in the first place.

But instead of allowing your website to stagnate and be added to the ever-growing list of abandoned websites, consider using our service to revive your website.

Did you know you can create a successful website without ever having to lift a finger to type an article?

It’s possible! 

And plenty of people do it.

So don’t let your idea of being the owner of an online business die because you don’t have the time or skills to write articles for your readers.

P.S. If you’re looking to setup an online business for the first time, this course has everything that you’ll need to get started. It’s my favorite training course and I highly recommend it. 

7. Give Your Readers Something New!

Everyone has their own unique writing style and tone, and though we do our best to match the tone of your articles, our content can also provide your readers with a fresh voice and a different perspective.

People always crave something new but sometimes, as bloggers, we can’t always come up with unique ideas that will capture our reader’s interests.

Or maybe you’re just completely burned out.

It happens, but we can make it possible for you to continue to release content without actually having to sit down and write it on your own.

Doesn’t that sound awesome? 

Summary and Conclusion:

To summarize, whether you’re new to working online or you already have an established website, one thing that you’ll always need is fresh content that ranks in search engine results.

In this article we went over some of the benefits of hiring us to handle your content needs and there are many more that we haven’t listed.

In a nutshell, hiring us to write your content is an investment into your business, one that will be quite profitable for you. 

Publish one of our articles on your website and include affiliate links and that article will continue to bring in cash for you far into the future.

I think that’s a good deal.

So what’s holding you back?

Check out our order form and order your first article! 

Got Questions? Send Us a Message!