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I’m Starting a Blogging Challenge. Would You Like to Join Me?

 “Eh? It’s a new year already?”

When did that happen? and why didn’t anyone tell me?

Looking back on this year, there are a lot of things that I wished I focused more on.

And this website is one of those things.

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions because they only fuel your motivation for the first month of the new year, and then it’s back to the same old grind.

Like when the gym fills up with new members who told themselves that this year will definitely be different; the year they’ll lose weight, the year they’ll reach their fitness goals and feel satisfied with their lives.

Nothing really changes. Unless you make it change. 

So I’m not going to list my New Year’s resolutions and business goals because I think it’s much more powerful to focus on taking action instead of talking about what you want to do.

As it turns out, I’m not alone in this theory.

There was a study done in 1933 that confirms the same principle; people who talk about their intentions are less likely to complete them.

And there have been TED talks about the same idea too.

Below is a link to a video about reaching your goals, highly recommended.

To put it bluntly; don’t talk about your plans. 

E.G. Keep your mouth shut.

Recently, during a conversation with a friend, I found myself talking about my plans for the future and what I want to do.

She replied with, “Tim, that’s what you say every year”.

It’s true.

I made the mistake of talking about my goals.

While I was busy talking about my plans, I forgot to actually work towards them.

And then I realized that I had the same goals for a long time, and I’m no closer to reaching them than I was when I first made them.

So clearly something needs to change.

But this time I plan to reach at least some of those goals; starting with this website and my online business.

We’ll keep it small.

I’m going to do something simple and you’re more than welcome to join me.

When we’re done, we’ll have a lot more content on our websites, and we’ll create the habit of working on our websites more often.

What will we do?

It’s simple; write; fill our websites up with useful content that brings in traffic and sales.

I’m going to write and publish an article every other day, aiming for at least three a week.

Content is the reasons people visit websites, without content there would be no reason to visit a website and there would be no way for people to find your website in search engine results.

Confused and not sure how to write articles for your website?

Order articles from our team of expert writers! 

I’m also looking to network with anyone who is participating in similar challenges, as it’s always awesome to meet like-minded people.

So how does that sound?

Would you like to join me for a blogging challenge and write three articles a week?

Let’s do it.

This is Day 1. 

7 Ways Your Business Will Benefit From Hiring Us to Write for You


In case you didn’t notice, I’m offering a new content creation service that’s designed to lift your workload from your shoulders so that you can relax and focus on other aspects of your business.

Feel free to visit the order form at anytime to request some articles, I’ll always deliver articles as soon as possible.

So if you’re tired of writing for your own website, head over to the order form, submit the order, and wait for the completed article to arrive in your inbox.

If you have some question, take a look at our list of frequently asked questions. 

In this article, we’ll discuss 10 reasons to use our new simple order form for your content needs so you can see exactly how the service can benefit your business.

Let’s dive in.

1. Save Time!

Let’s face it, content creation takes a lot of time.

If you don’t have experience writing articles, it can take you a few hours just to write one article.

That’s a lot of time that you could be spending on other areas of your business.

This service will save you time.

Don’t worry about content creation, let us take care of it for you.

Instead of spending time on tasks that you don’t enjoy, wouldn’t it be better to let someone else handle them?

2. Content Optimized for Readers!

I’m sure you have come across lots of websites with articles that you can barely read because the content is not optimized for readers.

Maybe you have made the same mistakes too.

These type of websites are quite common because most people think articles just need to include the target keyword to rank in search engine results.

But that’s not right.

We write articles for human readers! 

We format the articles as neatly as possible to reduce eye-strain and drive the point home!

It’s also common for us to include a summary of the main points at the end of the article to make it easier for the reader to remember the key points.

Yes, that means we write with a conversational tone!

3. Rank in Search Engine Results!

Though our articles are mainly written for human readers, we also follow Google’s ideal keyword placement strategies for optimal search engine results.

That means we’ll include your focus keyword a specific amount of times and in strategic locations throughout the body of the content.

In other words, we’ll make it much easier for you to rank in search engine results, thus sending waves of traffic in your direction.

And more traffic means more sales!

4. Cover Images!

Cover images are quite important but not many people use them.

There’s a reason all the most popular blogs use unique cover images for their articles!

Why are cover images important? 

  • They provide a snapshot of the content, lets the reader know what to expect.
  • They improve clicks from social media because viewers will get a little taste of the content and decide whether or not to click the link.
  • When included in your article, the target keyword can be placed in the html description and alt-tags to further improve search engine optimization.
  • They improve the chances of your article being share on social media. In fact, most of the time people share links without even clicking on the content, but base their decision on the cover image alone!

P.S. If you wanna learn more about how to market content on social media, read this in-depth guide and start applying the tips! 

So those are just some of the many reasons why cover images are important and should always be included in each article that you publish on your website.

We’ll make them for you! 

5. Blog Comments!

Blog comments are important for search engine optimization because not only do they send some social signals to Google but they also show new readers that you’re website has an active community!

Google’s algorithm has been updated to focus more on social signals, and these signals can come from social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) or blog comments.

We have a small team of people who would be happy to visit your website and leave some unique and well-written comments.

These comments will give your articles a little boost which will make it rank faster in search engine results.

Oh, and these comments are not simple one-liners full of spelling mistakes. 

Each of these comments is hand-written and based on the content of your article, we’ll read the article and leave a well-written comment.

Please keep in mind that these comments will always be over 100 words and we can also include your focus keyword if it fits naturally into the conversation.

I also would like to stress that we don’t spam comments, we offer a maximum of 5 comments per article.

You will have to send us the link to the published article and we only can leave comments on WordPress websites.

If your WordPress website uses another plugin for comments, such as Facebook or DISQUS, we won’t be able to leave comments.

That’s one way to provide your fresh article with a much-needed social signal boost.

6. Revive Your Website!

Most people who are interested in making money online will setup a website and start writing articles only to lose their passion halfway through the process.

I know writing articles can be tough especially if you’re not passionate about writing articles in the first place.

But instead of allowing your website to stagnate and be added to the ever-growing list of abandoned websites, consider using our service to revive your website.

Did you know you can create a successful website without ever having to lift a finger to type an article?

It’s possible! 

And plenty of people do it.

So don’t let your idea of being the owner of an online business die because you don’t have the time or skills to write articles for your readers.

P.S. If you’re looking to setup an online business for the first time, this course has everything that you’ll need to get started. It’s my favorite training course and I highly recommend it. 

7. Give Your Readers Something New!

Everyone has their own unique writing style and tone, and though we do our best to match the tone of your articles, our content can also provide your readers with a fresh voice and a different perspective.

People always crave something new but sometimes, as bloggers, we can’t always come up with unique ideas that will capture our reader’s interests.

Or maybe you’re just completely burned out.

It happens, but we can make it possible for you to continue to release content without actually having to sit down and write it on your own.

Doesn’t that sound awesome? 

Summary and Conclusion:

To summarize, whether you’re new to working online or you already have an established website, one thing that you’ll always need is fresh content that ranks in search engine results.

In this article we went over some of the benefits of hiring us to handle your content needs and there are many more that we haven’t listed.

In a nutshell, hiring us to write your content is an investment into your business, one that will be quite profitable for you. 

Publish one of our articles on your website and include affiliate links and that article will continue to bring in cash for you far into the future.

I think that’s a good deal.

So what’s holding you back?

Check out our order form and order your first article! 

Got Questions? Send Us a Message!

This is Why I Work Online…


My childhood was a bit strange.

When most kids were going to school and making friends, my family and I were traveling around different countries.

I was born in Canada but I never lived there.

When people ask where I’m from, I secretly want to ignore them or create an entirely fictional background story to avoid explaining the real details.

So I’m Canadian… but not really!

I remember one time my family and I spent an entire year living in a mobile home driving around Spain and Portugal.

My dad would park the camper in parking lots near beaches so he could busk at the restaurants that dotted the coastline.

It was the six of us in the camper, 4 kids, all boys, and my parents.

We did this all over the coast of Spain and Portugal. We we’re always on the move…

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How to Feel Awesome:


“I don’t want to go to work tomorrow”.

Is something that you probably said more often than you care to admit.

It’s something I hear almost every weekend.

The painful realization that tomorrow your time belongs to someone else.

Your time is not yours. It’s your employers. 

You’re giving your time to someone else in exchange for cash.

Most people are fine with the deal.

Most people think it’s the only option.

Most people hate Mondays because it’s time to start working again. 

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Tired of Feeling Drowsy and Unfocused? Here are 3 Easy Ways to Improve Energy Levels and Kick Ass…

Just another day in Taipei… #rain #taipei #raining #cold #frozen #wet #nonstoprain #miserable #weather

A photo posted by Timothy Gagnon (@timothy_gagnon) on

Want to learn how to improve energy levels on rainy blue days? 

The weather in Taiwan is always a buzz-killer, especially during the winter when it’s rare to see a dry patch of land. It’s always raining over here, hot and humid, or cold and humid, but always humid. Combine that with the island’s random temperature drops and spikes and you have the perfect formula for a constant miserable mood.

Today it’s T-shirts and shorts and tomorrow it’s jackets and hot tea, there’s no telling when the temperature will change. This means half the population is sniffling and clutching to their umbrellas, frowning while wearing sick-masks and avoiding eye-contact.

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