2 Free Tools to Clean Your Twitter Account and Delete Spam Bots

Everyone knows that Twitter is one of the best social media websites to promote your business, and if you’re not on Twitter, I suggest that you create an account as soon as possible.

On that note, when people want to build a presence on Twitter they often resort to following people and hoping that some of those people will follow-back and become fans.

This is a common strategy that most people use to promote their accounts since waiting for organic follows takes a really long time.

It’s also one of the strategies I recommended in 5 Incredibly Powerful and Simple Ways to Market Your Content on Twitterit’s the fastest way to build a following on Twitter.

But, if you stick to this method of collecting followers, there are two problems that you’ll encounter, and this article is dedicated to solving those two problems.

What are the two problems that you’ll encounter when you follow lots of people on Twitter and hope that someone follows you back?

  1. Your follower to following ratio will be imbalanced and you’ll likely follow much more people than follow you. 
  2. Many of the people who follow you will be spam bots that automatically follow accounts. 

These are obviously not ideal situations, and even though they’re not the end of the world, it’s always a good idea to solve them before something drastic happens, like Twitter decides that your account is a spam bot too and bans you.

We don’t want that to happen. 

How do we fix it?

It’s simple. 

Tools You Can Use to Un-Follow Twitter Accounts:

There are a lot of third-party tools that allow you to clean your Twitter account, and a lot of these tools are free too. I’ll mention 2 free tools in this article.

You can use these free tools to un-follow people on Twitter and get rid of spam bots and fix your following to follower ratio.

The first tool is…

1. Manage Flitter

manage twitter, follow people on twitter, unfollow people on twitter

This is a cool tool that I have been using for awhile, it’s free, and the free version has a few cool features that you can use to clean your Twitter account.

The feature that I use the most is the un-follow feature, it let’s you follow up to 100 accounts a day (but bonus un-follows can be unlocked). I think you can unlock a total of 2,500 follows a day if you complete all the tasks (follow them on Twitter, Tweet about them, etc) but I wouldn’t recommend un-following that many people in 24 hours because it put you on Twitter’s spam radar.

There are also some additional features you can check out, like the ideal time to post a Tweet, and other similar features. These features can be used to boost your presence on social media but remember to not go too overboard or you’ll end up with a disabled Twitter account.

What I like about Manage Flitter is that you can un-follow a lot of accounts, even with the free version, and it only takes a minute or so of furious clicking!

2. Crowd Fire 

crowdfire, follow twitter, manage twitter accounts

Crowd Fire is pretty similar to Manage Flitter but I like it more because the layout is more clean and the free membership has several additional features.

Crowd Fire doesn’t let you un-follow as many people, I think the max is 100 regardless of what you do for them, of course, once your account is upgraded you’re free to un-follow as many people as you like.

What I like about Crowd Fire is that it lets you sort followers by date and it also let’s you send automated messages. I tried this feature, and I use it sometimes, but most of the time it’s disabled because I noticed that direct messages are not that effective, people rarely check their direct messages, and that doesn’t really come as a surprise because there’s so much spam out there.

Still, it’s a feature that you can check out, and Crowd Fire let’s you create multiple messages and it’ll pick one at random to send to a new fan. It might work if you test out different message templates and come up with a good hook… but you also need to be careful because Twitter does not encourage automated direct messages.

So, That’s It…

So, that’s all for now!

You can use these two free tools to clean your Twitter account and get rid of any undesirable fans and fix your following to follower ratios.

I hope that you liked this article and if you’re interested in making serious cash with email marketing I would like to point you towards my unbiased Mailing for Money Review by Ben Martin, it’s a really cool and cheap video course that shows you exactly how to make money with affiliate marketing!

Got any tools in mind? Leave a comment and let me know! 


6 thoughts on “2 Free Tools to Clean Your Twitter Account and Delete Spam Bots

    1. Hey Roy,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. That’s true, but I think these tools are in the clear, and you can always deactivate them when you’re done.


  1. Hi Timothy

    I already have Flitter installed. It works pretty well. Before I used it I was following 35,000. But after using Flitter I reduced the number to 1,100. Now I follow about 1,300 and have 30,000+ followers

    Another software I installed last week is Status Brew. I’m not sure where the overlap is between the 2 products (or even if I really need the new one), but soon enough I’ll know.


    Kim Willis recently posted…How to Demolish Engagement Blockages in Your Blogging BusinessMy Profile

    1. Hey Kim,

      I use Manage Fitter too, I like to stick to one because if Twitter notices that you unfollow too many people within 24 hours it’ll flag your account. It’s great that you managed to reduce the amount of people you follow, cleaning up Twitter is important. I’ll check out Status Brew! Thanks for leaving a comment.


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