How to Feel Awesome:


“I don’t want to go to work tomorrow”.

Is something that you probably said more often than you care to admit.

It’s something I hear almost every weekend.

The painful realization that tomorrow your time belongs to someone else.

Your time is not yours. It’s your employers. 

You’re giving your time to someone else in exchange for cash.

Most people are fine with the deal.

Most people think it’s the only option.

Most people hate Mondays because it’s time to start working again. 

For me, Mondays signify a beginning of a new week.

That means a new goal.

More tasks to add to my to-do list. Tasks to complete.

I look forward to Mondays.

For other people, Mondays signify the beginning of a work week.

Another week of the same old grind until the weekend roles around.

Another week of handing over your time for some cash.

It doesn’t have to be like that. It can be different.

You can make it different.

Most people don’t really understand the concept of looking forward to work.

It’s an experience reserved for the people who actually enjoy their work.

They enjoy their work so much that work no longer becomes work.

Work is a part of them. Work is just life. Work is fun.

I do what I love. I work my own hours. 

I’m not at the point where I can say I made it and I definitely have nothing to brag about.

But I feel satisfied because I created something for myself with my own time. 

On Steam (a popular platform to for people who play games) your game-time is recorded.

It shows how many hours you spent on a particular game.

If you look at other people’s profiles, it’s not unusual to find people who have 1,000 + hours of game time on a certain game.

What could you build with 1,000 hours?

What could you build with 500 hours?

What could you build with 100 hours?

Most importantly…

What can you build in 1 hour? 

What can you do this hour that will make you feel fulfilled?

I’m not talking about creating a physical object.

I’m talking about doing something that makes you feel good.

Something that makes you feel a sense of accomplishment.

We all need to feel a sense of accomplishment in our lives.

I believe depression is caused by a lack of accomplishment. 

I believe people who are depressed feel that they are useless.

Like they can’t do anything useful.

Like they can’t accomplish anything meaningful.

Like they haven’t done anything meaningful with their lives.

Trust me. I know the feeling!

It doesn’t have to be like that. You can stop feeling like that. 

It’s in your power. You can do it.

I know you can do it.

Your friends know you can do it.

Your family knows you can do it.

Do something right now. 

Do something that will make you feel proud.

What can you do in a hour that will make you feel proud?

You can do it.

Complete tasks. Create momentum.

You’ll be unstoppable.

“I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow.”

Is something that you will say more often than you imagined.

It’s something you will say every weekend.

The awesome realization that tomorrow your time belongs to you and no-one else.

Your time is yours. It’s no longer your employer’s.

You’re giving your time to your projects.

You are fine with the deal.

It’s your only option.

10 thoughts on “How to Feel Awesome:

  1. Depression is also caused by the need for accomplishment. As for action – totally agree – take action, do something. People feel increasingly out of options and unable to act, because they’ve accepted they want to be comfortable.

  2. Hi Timothy,

    It’s an interesting idea, that you can feel a certain way because of your decision to do so.

    Most people tend to think that they’re captive to outside forces, but I think you’ve suggested here that your life will follow how you decide to act, or not act.

    It’s a matter of deciding.

    So, like you’ve asked… “what can you build in 1 hour?”

    It begins there.

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