How to Write a SEO Article: Follow These Guidelines

how to write a seo article

If you are wondering how to write a SEO article then you came the right place.

As someone who has been working online for the past 6 years, I learned a few handy tricks that will make it easier for you to write search engine optimized articles.

Learning how to write a SEO article is important because there are plenty of people out there who need search engine optimized articles and you can also apply the tricks to your own projects.

In other words, it’s a useful skill and one that can bring in cash. 

Contrary to what you might think, it’s easy to write a search engine optimized article.

Follow these simple guidelines and you will have no problem ranking articles and driving traffic to your website.

How to Write a SEO Article: The Holy Trinity

When it comes to writing a SEO article, there are three factors that determine whether or not an article will rank, and I like to call these three factors, “The Holy Trinity”.

If you don’t include these three things in your articles, then you will have a much harder time ranking in search engine results.

What are these three things?

1. Format.

The first member of The Holy Trinity is Format.

Think of it like this, most people like to read content that is well-formatted because well-formatted content is much easier to digest.

More importantly, it’s easier on the eyes. 

Therefore, since Google’s purpose is to link people to the best content for their search terms, it makes sense that Google also wants you to format your articles.

So format your articles.

  • Break up long sentences into small paragraphs.
  • Include plenty of headers and sub-headers.
  • Bold important text.
  • Include bullet points.
  • Etc.

Basically, make sure your article just looks good.

In a previous article I wrote about how to make your website and content stand out from the crowd. Check it out here. 

2. Keywords.

People often misunderstand the concept of keywords.

For ideal results, each of your articles should target a new keyword, one that you haven’t used before in previous articles.

I use a tool called Jaaxy to find keywords to target. 

I tried a lot of different keyword tools and I stuck to this one because it’s the most user-friendly and provides all the features that I need in a keyword tool.

Click here to try it for free. 

What about keyword density?

As I mentioned in previous articles, I like to write with a conversational tone and I won’t stuff an article with keywords.

Keyword stuffing is a mistake that many new marketers make because they assume that more is better, which is not necessarily the case.

When writing an article, it’s best not to worry about keyword density.

I see too many people obsessing about a specific keyword density and really it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Stuffing articles with keywords tend to ruin the flow of the article, which ruins the experience for the reader, and if the experience is ruined, the reader will leave.

And when people don’t like your content, no sales will be made. 

So it’s better to forget about reaching a specific keyword density but instead focus on writing a quality article that provides value to people.

With the free plugin I mentioned earlier, there’s a helpful keyword density check that will let you know if you mentioned the keywords enough times.

Generally, a keyword density of more than 0.5% is enough to rank well in search results. 

It’s also important to remember that keywords are not set in stone and you might target one keyword only to rank for a totally different keyword.

So it’s difficult to predict exactly where your articles will end up in search results.

But if you focus on writing decent and lengthy articles, there’s a good chance they’ll end up in an ideal location.

3. Pictures.

The last member of our holy trinity are pictures.

People often underestimate the importance of including images in your articles.

Images bring articles to life. 

It’s important to include images in your articles because when someone shares the link to your article on social media, an image will be fetched from your website to display as a preview on social media.

Images can also improve your rank in search engine results because you can include keywords and other information in the description.

So people will be able to see exactly what your article is about, instead of having to click a plain-text link that could take them anywhere.

It also really improves click-through rates! 

In other words, if you want to improve the traffic that your articles get from social media, don’t forget to include images in your articles.

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How to Write a SEO Article: What We Learned…

So what did we learn in this article?

Let’s recap. 

  • Learning how to write a seo article is an extremely valuable skill.
  • It’s not complicated. There are only a few simple guidelines you need to remember.
  • Pay attention to text format. Break paragraphs.
  • Target keywords but don’t obsess about keyword density as creating valuable content is much more important.
  • Include images in your articles to improve traffic from social media.

That’s it for now, and remember, if you would like to learn more about how to build an online business from scratch, there’s a really cool online business training center that you can join for free.

Click here to read my in-depth review of my favorite product. 


Hopefully now you know how to write a SEO article and you can apply these tips to your own projects to boost sales and achieve your online goals.

Thanks for taking the time read this article, and please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or share it on social media.

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  1. I am currently juggling a niche site with a WA promotion site. I don’t know how long I’m going to try this out. We’ll see. This is a great post and lately I’m really focused on keywords, like obsessed with it. I pick one day a month to do nothing but this.
    That’s why I chose ‘Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It’
    Low comp = low hanging fruit.
    Remember this too. We’re playing the long game here. Write quality content and all will be well in a year.
    Thanks for this!

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    Great post!
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