Bike Rides, Jungles, and New Discoveries: Thoughts on Blogging and Life!

bikeridesjunglesI have a different type of article for you, this is more of an essay on my thoughts about my website, and the direction I plan to take in the future.

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It Started With a Week of Rain and Wind:

After a week of non-stop rain and wind, Taiwan finally caught a break and we had one day of sunshine and clear skies. It was like stepping out into a different world, one without gloomy wet weather.

Ironically, it was also the day that I was feeling frustrated with pretty much everything in my life.

The apartment suddenly started to feel much smaller than usual, like every blink brought the four walls an inch closer. Every time you looked away the walls closed in around you.

There was only one solution; get out.

So that’s what I did.

I grabbed my helmet, coat, and gloves; and hopped on my motorbike, determined to get some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine. I didn’t really know where to go so I drove up a road that’s next to my apartment, it leads up into the mountains, where the air was fresher, cooler, and the views were better and the traffic less-dense.

This is the road I was driving on, taken from Google Street View.
This is the road I was driving on, taken from Google Street View.

There’s something calming about casual driving with no particular destination in mind, especially on a motorbike. It lets you free your mind, focusing on nothing but the vehicle in your hands.

Taiwan is a very green country, thick forests cover most of the mountainous landscape, mountains split by rivers and streams.

The weather is humid and during the winter it rains non-stop, turning slow trickling streams into raging torrents. Most of the rivers are hidden under dense foliage but occasionally when you turn a corner you’ll hear the sound of water trickling nearby, somewhere hidden but within reach.

The road wrapped it’s way around the mountain and the noise of the city faded behind me. I took a camera with me too, the idea was to at least practice taking some pictures of scenery that I could later use for my website.

In Taiwan, there’s always signs of human activity close-by; even if you drive to the peak of a mountain there will be buildings nearby, whether apartments or town-houses or simple farms. Unlike other countries where you can drive for hours without spotting a sign of society.

Never the less, it’s nowhere near as dense as the city; especially Taipei; where buildings of all shapes, styles, and history clash to create a mesh of cement in all sizes and colors, organized in chaos.

Still, most people don’t want to live in the mountains, for obvious reasons, so the mountain homes are reserved for retired elderly people or farmers.

Driving up the road, I noticed that the air felt much fresher, cleaner, and cooler. I had to resist the urge to close my eyes and take a deep breath, obviously this wouldn’t be the brightest idea when you’re driving a manual motorbike up a curvy road.

So I continued to drive and lost track of time, it could have been 10 or 40 minutes, I’m not sure how long I drove up the road but eventually I realized that I was quite high on the mountain, breaks in the foliage revealed a miniature city miles below.

“This is a good as place as any”, I thought.

I steered the bike to a small gravel path next to the road, switched off the ignition, and swung my leg over the seat.

Once the engine shut down, I could admire the absolute peaceful atmosphere of the quiet mountain, an ambient sound that I wish I could record and play whenever I want to calm down and relax.

Practicing My Photography Skills:

The sun was bright and warm, reflecting off the green leaves of the forest, leaves shining with a green aura, fresh from the heavy rains. It smelt like warm wet branches and freshly cut grass; a forest’s unique wet scent.

The peaceful quiet was only disturbed by the crunch of my footsteps, the soft scraping sound of tree branches and twigs rubbing together, the buzz of insects; grasshoppers and cicadas, and the semi-regular disturbance from a car’s engine as it drove passed, fading into the distance.

Snapping pictures of anything that caught my eye, I walked around, took some pictures of the view, and then hopped back on the motorbike to find another spot.

Landscape shot of Taiwan.
Landscape shot of Taiwan.

It wasn’t long until I found an interesting structure, a flight of stairs with lions carved on each side, I thought it might be a temple of sorts. I walked up the stairs and was surprised to find a perfect view of the landscape and the nearby ocean.

I’m not entirely sure what this place was built for – but I believe it’s some sort of memorial for someone famous, I couldn’t understand the Chinese characters.

I will check it out again with someone who can translate and then share the full details. It was a definitely any interesting discovery!

Another view from the same area.
A different view from the same area.

I was trying to find the place on Google Maps but failed, so you’ll have to settle for these pictures, unfortunately I lost the best ones.

There was also a Gazebo-like structure which I imagine would be an awesome place to have some tea!
There was also a Gazebo-like structure which I imagine would be an awesome place to have some tea!

Anyways, I took some pictures in that area, and then sat down on the top step to relax a bit and take a deep breath (and also take a picture of a spider). I can see why monks prefer to meditate in nature, it’s so peaceful, and it really does make it easy to clear your mind and do some soul-searching.

In this case, instead of meditating and becoming one with nature, I started to think about my website and business, where I want to be in the future, and what type of website I should create (and many other thoughts).

Here's a picture of the guardian!
Here’s a picture of the guardian!

I came to the conclusion that my website needs to be more unique. 

Time for a New Direction:

Anyone can write about marketing tips and most people do; that’s why the competition in that niche is so fierce and even if you write a really detailed article, it will likely not receive a lot of traffic from Google.

I also noticed that most blogs about these topics are almost identical, the same generic advice repeated over and over, and I realized that I have been making the same mistake, something that I plan to change in the near future.

So I thought about this, sitting on top of a flight of stairs, camera in hand, alone with nature, and a few flies that decided to start buzzing around my head. Most people say that you should write about topics that you have the most experience with, subjects that interest you and you understand.

That’s one way to go.

It’s not what I chose. I believe that if you can fuse your personality with your niche, throw in some travel pictures, stories, humor, and helpful advice; that would make for a much more interesting reading experience.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

Standing up and swatting the flies away, I headed down the flight of steps, insert the key into the ignition of the motorbike, and the engine roared to life. It’s time to head down the mountain and start working on my new vision.

It will, of course, be much more time-consuming…

The Point of This Article: 

It’s simple.

If you feel stuck or under a lot of pressure, sometimes the best thing that you can do to clear your head is head out and spend some time in nature or drive aimlessly in a random direction. Go explore.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find something new and interesting; something that will inspire you, something that might knock a new business idea or article idea into your head.

It’s no secret that I don’t really focus on keywords, I like to write about whatever is on my mind, and luckily what is on my mind has been on other people’s minds too.

I write about what I learn and try to share it with anyone who will listen.

So, for those of you who are new, some new changes will be happening to this website. I want to take a different approach and include more stories and try to fuse more of my personality into the blog to create a more enjoyable reading experience for everyone.

I will still write about business but it will not have the highest priority!

The reason is simple; I want to create a more unique blog – I don’t want to be just another blogger that writes boring articles about marketing techniques. If I’m right, this change will have a positive impact.

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What do you think about my idea to create a more unique website? Do you think it’s a good idea to combine travel stories with helpful tips? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts! 

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6 thoughts on “Bike Rides, Jungles, and New Discoveries: Thoughts on Blogging and Life!

  1. Hi Timothy,

    What a refreshingly honest and inspirational post – thank you.

    I just loved the images you shared from Taiwan and could feel your frustration sliding away the further we went on your mountain bike ride.

    Sounds like a great idea to be able to combine your passionms, your travels and your business into a unique blog. Really looking forward to seeing your creations.

    Thank you again for sharing your experiences – it contains an important message there for all of us.

    Best wishes from a remote Thai village blogger


  2. Hi Timothy

    Refreshing post. I’ve taken this type of approach with my original blog, The niche is network marketing/affiliate marketing. Apart from writing about niche specific topics, I also write about my travel related experiences as a digital nomad.

    That said, I think it’s important to have commercial intent. Otherwise, all you’ll be doing is running a personal blog.

    The other point is that it doesn’t matter that many of the blog posts from one blog to another are similar. That may appear to be the case on a superficial level, but just as cream rise to the top of a bottle of milk, so does the best content.

    People will pick up on interesting well-written posts even if the subject matter is more or less the same as everyone else’s posts.


    Kim Willis recently posted…“I Know That Already” (Sure you do, snigger snigger)My Profile

    1. Hey Kim, thanks for leaving a comment. I agree that a blog should have commercial intent, I don’t want to make it too much of a travel blog it will still be about marketing and other topics. We’ll see how it goes, there’s a lot on my mind and a lot of different article topics I want to test out, it takes awhile to find a pattern. Thanks for your feedback!

  3. Hey Timothy,

    What a beautiful place and I would go nuts if I had to live someplace where it rained all of the time during some seasons. I admit, I only like the rain when I don’t have to get out in it but since I have a dog I do have to take her out to do her business several times a day which means I definitely have to get out in it. Yuck!!!

    But thanks for sharing this beautiful scenery with us and I think you were right to get out on that beautiful day to clear your head.

    I know for me when I was just getting into the blogging niche, what worked in my favor is that as I learned how to do things I would write about it and share what I did. Do you know how many people would love to learn from someone who is doing the work and getting results? They hang on your every word but when you through in your personality and perhaps relate it to your surroundings or love for what you like then that’s where you stand out from everyone else. That’s where you become different because as long as we have to continue to learn and apply then we’ll keep hearing the same information. When you share what works in your own words wrapped around your passions then that just makes it that much more enjoyable.

    Just my take on that of course but I wish you well moving forward Timothy. It’s a new year so time to get things started in the right direction right!

    Enjoy your weekend and I hope you have great weather.

    Adrienne recently posted…3 Reasons Blog Commenting Is Still Important TodayMy Profile

    1. Hey Adrienne, I agree climate can be quite annoying at times! It’s always humid, and during the summer it’s especially hot; the humidity makes it feel like a sauna. That’s a great idea! That’s actually what I want to do with my website, inspire people to do what they want. Thanks for the awesome comment!

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