14 thoughts on “5 Incredibly Powerful and Simple Ways to Market Your Content on Twitter

  1. Hi Timothy

    Really helpful post here. I’ve had a Twitter account for 5+ years, but haven’t been active for the last 4 years, But recently I decided to become active again, so your post is very helpful. I will embrace these strategies.



  2. Hi Timothy and many thanks for sharing your expertise.

    Whilst reading your post I learnt how to and made my very first “Pinned Tweet” – that tip alone was worth the visit with you today but for sure I will also be adopting your other 4 Twtter strategies asap.

    Actually the one thing I keep forgetting to do is use hashtags consistently so many thanks for that valuable reminder as well.

    Best wishes as always from a remote Thai village blogger

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    1. The pinned Tweets are definitely really important, it’s a cool feature that I didn’t know about until I started getting more involved with Twitter. Thanks for leaving a comment.

    1. Hey Clement, thanks for leaving a comment. I agree that direct messages are irritating but I think can be effective if used correctly. I don’t use automatic direct messages at the moment though. I think Twitter discourages automatically delivered direct messages.

  3. This was great information, Tim–very practical and applicable. With social media as ubiquitous as it is, knowing how to navigate the ever-changing medium is imperative for indie authors like me. I value your advice. Thanks, much!

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